“Expresses a kind of irrevocable reckoning that has been centuries in the making” -Filmmaker Magazine

“Filled with energy, rage, and the smallest measure of hope, Empty Metal is a new kind of political film for these extraordinary times” -Film Society Lincoln Center

“Khalil and Sweitzer have become today’s rising political filmmakers worthy of watching” -In the Seats

“A terrific new film… Khalil and Sweitzer’s film is pointed in its politics and inspiring in its imaginative reach” -Frieze

“I can’t think of a single film to compare Empty Metal to… provocative and truly unconventional” -Cinema Axis

“A willfully Agitational work for exasperated times” -Screenslate

“The film is chaotic, dense with references to revolutionaries’ writings, and one of the more original political films of the last year” -Slant Magazine